Page 6 - World Homeopathy Summit 11th & 12th April 2015
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The speakers Eminent scientists/speakers from across the world have consented to come to India for the first time to share their work. Dr R.K. Manchanda Dr G.D. Jindal Dr Prasanth Dr P.K. Joshi (India) (India) Banerjee (India) (India) Overview of research conducted over Homeopathy and engineering, Heart A New Method of Treatment with Enhanced Super continuum 15 years at central council of research Rate Variability in Drug Homeopathic Medicines, Disease-specific generation in water in the in homeopathy (CCRH) Trials/Proovings homeopathic medicines for presence of ultra dilute solutions treatment of cancers and other critical intractable diseases Dr Gustav Bracho Dr. Abhay Chowdhary Dana Ullman Prof. Sadhana (Cuba) (India) (USA) Sathaye (India) Homeopathy and Ultra-dilutions: Nosode preparation- Mycobacterium Perennial Allergic Rhinitis- Anti-arthritic activity of homeopathic From Evidences to Practical Tuberculosis Randomised Clinical Trial preparations in Wistar rats Applications, Leptospirosis Incidence, Cuba: 2000-2012 Dr Praveen Kumar Dr Alex Tournier Dr. Prafull Barvalia Dr E. S. Rajendran Dr Prakash (India) (UK) (India) (India) (India) Holistic approach in the Journey of Antiviral properties of snake Fundamental research -physical Enhanced Super continuum A fundamental research study Pharmaceuticals to Nutraceuticals venom in Homeopathy- nature of homeopathy generation in water in the revealing the hidden secrets of towards Homeoceuticals – A new Virology presence of ultra dilute solutions Homeopathic potencies paradigm shift towards Health and Wellness
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