Page 5 - World Homeopathy Summit 11th & 12th April 2015
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The speakers Eminent scientists/speakers from across the world have consented to come to India for the first time to share their work. Dr Paulo Bellavite Dr Jayesh Bellare Dr Khuda Bukhsh Dr N.C. Sukul (Italy) (India) (India) (India) Action mechanism(s) of Nanotechnology of Homeopathic Gene Regulatory Hypothesis to Variation in Free and Bound water homeopathic drugs-at molecular medicines-Availability of the starting Explain Biological Action, Anti- Molecules revealed by FTIR level materials in Nano-particles and cancer effects through epigenetic absorption spectra of Homeopathy aggregates in extremely high dilutions modifications preparations Dr Gaurisankar Sa Dr Kanjaksha Ghosh Dr Rajesh Shah Dr Elio Rossi (India) (India) (India) (Italy) Role of homeopathic medicines in Management of acute bleeding in Overview of scientific preparation of Homeopathic therapy in paediatric cancer regression: A mechanistic severe haemophilia using nosodes, controlled clinical trial, Drug atopic diseases study homeopathic medicines proving and animal studies Dr Lex Rutten Dr Michael Frass Dr Leoni Villano Prof. Carla Holandino Dr. J. P. Varshney (Naderland) (Austria) Bonamin (Brazil) Quaresma, PhD (India) Abstract title: Homeopathic Prognosis research- study in Additive homeopathy in cancer Homeopathic Medicines Effects medicines prevent flu and acute An overview of clinical trials Netherlands, including 4,094 patients- Clinical Trial On Experimental Leishmaniasis: respiratory infection symptomatic with Homeopathic drugs in episodes in children: a triple-blind, patients in vivo and in vitro studies randomized, placebocontrolled animals clinical trial
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