Page 3 - World Homeopathy Summit 11th & 12th April 2015
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Listening To Scientists Will Why this conference? Expand Your Horizon Homeopathy is gaining increasing popularity with a resurgence of interest in most developed countries. On the other side the system is being criticized for inadequate clinical evidences, in spite of considerable research work. The homeopathic practitioners, conventional doctors, students and the followers of homeopathy are often unaware about the scientific advances in the field due to inadequate exposure. As a result, most people are often deprived of the benefits of homeopathy. Also, orientation about scientific research will encourage the scientists and the medical students to pursue more research in homeopathy; which will allow this system of medicine to grow, be more efficient, which in turn, will help the world. Highlights: At GHF, we believe that homeopathy will survive only if supported by scientific research. We have recognized the need • Scientists from Austria, Brazil, Cuba, for events that will allow the world know about the recent France, India, Italy, Naderland, UK and advances in scientific research in homeopathy. USA coming for the first time to India We are enthralled to announce that eminent scientists from • Direct interaction with scientists many countries across the globe (including India) have • Boost your confidence in practice accepted our request to share their decades of work, by • Understanding clinical implications presenting papers at the World Homeopathy Summit. of latest research This will allow the practitioners to have direct interaction with • Learn to be more scientific minded the scientists, understand clinical implications of latest research, and research oriented boost self-confidence in practice, stimulate the professionals to be more research oriented, sensitize young generation to • Learning from the outcome of thousands engage in scientific work; enhance clinical proficiency of of man hours and millions of dollars practitioners, encouraging scientists from allied fields to involve in fundamental research and invite government as well as non- invested by scientists and institutes government institutions to patronize research in homeopathy. • Two power-packed days, cannot afford to miss any session. It must be noted that the speakers presenting papers at the summit include medical scientists, engineers, physicists, • Transforming homeopathy through molecular biologists, homeopaths, immunologists, research and technology pharmacologists, agro-scientists, and the like from varied science streams, whose work is published in peer-reviewed international journals. Modern Scientific Methods Will Upgrade Global Homeopathy Foundation Your Approach
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