= GHF: Conference 2015: Recent Advances in Scientific Research in Homeopathy
People Behind GHF
GHF is initiated by some people with a vision to bring quality homeopathy to the masses, whose only intention is to promote the science. These people have their proven commitment and love for homeopathy, who have demonstrated their involvement in the areas of education, practice, research and promotion. More people with similar vision would be invited to join the team.
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GHF founded by a group of homeopathy activists who want to see homeopathy reach to the masses across the world. GHF being a non-government, non-profit making, non-profit making group, it's objectives include growth of the science, benefit to those suffering with diseases which could be helped with homeopathy and to support the professionals to be able to serve better.
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Innovation in Research, Education, Practice - Chennai
World Homeopathy Summit
on Recent Advances in Scientific Research
Abstract submission
Instructions to Speakers about Abstract submission
Abstract submission deadline: January 20, 2015
Abstract submission method: By email to sanjivak@gmail.com

We are happy to invite abstracts from scientists and researchers who have conducted scientific studies related to any aspect of homeopathy. The objective of this conference is to bring to the profession and the media, work in the areas of fundamental research, where scientific efficacy of ultra-dilute homeopathic medicines is shown to have effects in human, animal, cell line or plant models. The abstract from scientists whose papers are published in peer-reviewed journals will get priority

Abstract topics:
  • Fundamental research
  • Bio-molecular studies
  • Nano particles studies
  • Cell-line studies
  • Pathogenetic trials (Drug proving)
  • Clinical trials
  • Evidence based medicine
  • Animal models

The Abstract for the paper presentation should be as informative as possible. Please use following format for submitting an abstract. One presenter could submit up to three abstracts.

  1. Please select presentation type:
    1. Paper presentation
    2. Poster (including e-poster) presentation
  2. Preliminary information in the abstract:(Over and above 250 words of abstract.)
    1. Speaker/presenter/investigator/author's complete name, contact information (including postal address, city, country, email (add email), phone numbers (cell, work and home)
    2. Co-speakers detail (as above)
    3. Affiliations: Institution/ department / hospital, city, state, Country.
    4. Please submit your (high resolution) photo (jpg, png format) as attachment, which will be used in the conference communication, if your abstract is accepted.
  3. Main abstract: (Limit 350 words, including the title)
    1. Abstract title: Maximum 20 words
    2. Background
    3. Objective
    4. Material and Methods
    5. Results
    6. Conclusion
  4. Guidelines:
    1. Abstract must be submitted in standard word document or text format. Please do not submit PDF file.
    2. Please use only English language for writing the abstracts.
    3. Please use standard abbreviations.
    4. Please limit your abstract length to 350 words. (Presenter's preliminary details not included in this word limit.)
    5. It is the speaker's responsibility to get rights of submitting the abstract as well as making the presentation at the GHF conference. Global Homeopathy Foundation and its agencies will have rights to publish the abstracts through all media related to the conference. Once you submit your abstract, it is implied that you have all the required rights for presentation and abstract publication.
    6. Inclusion in the Scientific Program and Conference publications is dependent upon approval and registration fees.
    7. Acceptance of abstracts for presentation will be subject to its review by Scientific Committee. It will be mandatory for the speaker to submit complete Presentation in PPT (for Windows or Mac) format after the Abstract is accepted.
  5. Time:
    Please suggest how much time would you need to make your paper presentation based on submitted abstract. (Time given to the speakers will be subject to availability.) In case of any query, please send a mail to info@globalhomeopathyfoundation.com