People Behind GHF
GHF is initiated by some people with a vision to bring quality homeopathy to the masses, whose only intention is to promote the science. These people have their proven commitment and love for homeopathy, who have demonstrated their involvement in the areas of education, practice, research and promotion. More people with similar vision would be invited to join the team.
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GHF founded by a group of homeopathy activists who want to see homeopathy reach to the masses across the world. GHF being a non-government, non-profit making, non-profit making group, it's objectives include growth of the science, benefit to those suffering with diseases which could be helped with homeopathy and to support the professionals to be able to serve better.
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About GHF
Global Homeopathy Foundation (GHF) is a non-government organization, conceptualized and formed by a group of conscientious, dedicated, apolitical, like-minded Indian professionals in early 2014.

The main objective of GHF is to create a platform for homeopathy to benefit the suffering humanity, assist the homeopathy professionals in delivering proficient services and empower the growth of homeopathy science in the world. GHF intends to work in the areas of promotion of homeopathy, research, and education and enabling the professionals to engage into greater roles beyond that of clinicians. GHF as an organization that shall play a role, most importantly in identifying the challenges, facilitate developing strategies by involving required resources, and may get involved as resource or collaborative partner.

The activities of GHF will benefit the homeopaths all around the globe and the people of the world.

Vision and Mission
Homeopathy as a science has un-tapped potential in healthcare that is both health-effective and cost-effective. The aim is to reach out to the society and also to help homeopathy get its rightful status as a credible medical science in the world.

There is an urgent need to universalize the strength of homeopathy in the existing health-care delivery system. GHF's vision is to take homeopathy to every country, with a focused objective to universalize its inherent strength for a safe, effective and affordable health care for the overall wellness and benefit of its citizen.

GHF shall take initiative to link scientists from pure science and enthuse them to explore the intricacies of homeopathy as a science. It shall also seek the support of philanthropists to support the cause of homeopathy and facilitate the lovers and beneficiaries of homeopathy to share their experiences. Thus GHF shall be a platform to bring nobility from all walks of life for development and promotion of homeopathy.

Our mission is to help homeopathy benefits reach out to all the people in the world, which we intend to achieve by collaborative activities involving all kinds of homeopathic professionals, conventions doctors, scientists and other concerning agencies, institutions, and bodies similar to U.S. /GHF.